Ute Pass Symphony Guild

Since 1985, the Ute Pass Symphony Guild been bringing the Colorado Springs Philharmonic Orchestra to Woodland Park for its July 5 "Symphony Above the Clouds" concert, now located behind the middle school at Rampart Range and Kelley's Road.

Ten thousand people attend this free patriotic under-the-stars event, which concludes with city-sponsored fireworks and Ft. Carson cannon accompanying Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture." Parking accommodations for handicapped persons are provided.

For several years, the Guild has also transported every fourth grader in Teller County and Lake George to one youth concert per year. Readers have only to study appreciation letters from these children to discover the impact fine music has on their young minds.

Although it costs approximately $20,000 to bring the orchestra to Woodland Park, the all-volunteer Guild depends solely on individual and small business donors.

Persons interested in helping the Guild or even contributing to this most popular of all county events should contact Nancy Spradling at 687-1304 or nspradling@aol.com . The Guild address is PO Box 4097, Woodland Park, CO 80866.

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